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Topic: Recipes

As spring rears its hopeful timid head into the cold blast of artic air that is still felt around the country, it is also a time of growth. Daffodils, snow drops and wild garlic can be seen on the sides of country roads. When the sun does come out, there is a sense of good weather is just around the corner.  After the last twelve months, we all know that fine weather can lift our spirits just as much as a nice meal or a glass of crisp white wine.

That said, our next celebration is St Patrick's Day next week, planning a delicious meal at home is most enjoyable with a favourite food or drink recipe. Throughout the world people will be tucking into Soda Bread, Bacon & Cabbage, Irish Stew and if you are stateside it would be Corned Beef & Cabbage. Here at home, we are as likely to have a fish supper as we are to have a meat based dish.


It can be a frantic morning for husbands, kids and pets trying to get breakfast in bed ready for the most important mother in the land. 

Here is a simple dish that will impress all the family. Most of the preparation can be done the day before so all you need to do is heat the oven, mix the eggs & let it cook.

While it’s cooking, make a few simple yogurt parfaits as a starter for breakfast. Place two tablespoons of natural yogurt into four glasses. Place some strawberries, blueberries & raspberries on top of each of the yogurts and then sprinkle some granola on top!


Our favourite Tuesday of the year has arrived!

While we wish we could dish you up some pancakes in the hotel, instead our Executive Head Chef Adrian Bane has shared his simple recipe for you to make them at home.


In this year like no other, couples around the world will be celebrating Valentine's Day at home this year. To make it extra special, our Executive Head Chef has shared his recipe for these delicious chocolate fondants.

If you recreate these at home, we would love to see photos of your creations!

The following recipe makes 6 fondants.