When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion and advice to share on the venue: how many people you should invite, the food and the entertainment.

So to ease any prenuptial confusion, our team shares their top ten tips for a truly memorable wedding.

  1. Do not leave the important paper work until the last minute! You need to register your intent to marry at least three months before the big day and waiting lists for appointments with the HSE can be lengthy, so make that appointment sooner rather than later.
  2. Make use of your venue’s wedding co-ordinator by asking them for ideas & tips. A lot of wedding venues and hotels work closely with retailers, videographers and other suppliers and so are in an ideal position to negotiate on your behalf or arrange discounts for you.
  3. The table plans can be a source of a lot of last minute stress so put yours together well in advance! You can ideally start thinking about how you will seat people when sending out your invitations. Try to put your guests’ names in groups of 10 on an Excel document - that way when your RSVPs come back, you’ll be able to tick them off your list and your table plan will be 90% complete.
  4. Shop locally, always get three quotes for everything you buy and never be afraid to haggle - you’ll be amazed by what deals are out there.
  5. When choosing your perfect dress, make sure you can sit down, lift your arms and can dance in it. There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted and uncomfortable on your wedding day.
  6. Make the most of the venue’s own facilities and equipment to make your day extra memorable. You could surprise your guests with a slideshow of all your happy memories with friends and family, or include a video of a speech from someone who couldn’t make it to the wedding in person.
  7. Give your Maid of Honour the duty of having a little ‘bag of tricks’ ready to hand including tissues, your lip gloss and some pressed powder.
  8. Be consistent in your theme and carry this through as many sections of the wedding as possible. Your wedding coordinator will be able to offer advice on how your theme can be incorporated into the table decorations, flowers and favours.
  9. Make some time between the ceremony and the evening reception for you and your husband to spend five minutes alone together. It gives you both a break and the chance to take a step back and take a mental picture of all your guests enjoying themselves on your special day.  
  10. Finally, take a deep breath, smile, relax and enjoy – it’s your day.