Touch therapy is a thoughtful and innovative series of nurturing spa treatments for anybody undergoing cancer treatment, using effective products from the Lindi Skin line. These specialised skincare products have been designed to soothe and benefit skin compromised by chemotherapy and radiation.

Our therapists at spirit one spa have been trained in oncology massage by trainer Christine Clinton who has completed the ‘Medical Massage for Cancer Patients’ course at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York. Touch therapies are endorsed by The Irish Massage Therapists Association and complementary therapies are recommended by the Irish Cancer Society.

The Benefits:

Touch therapy treatments can bring unparalleled relief in reducing some of the common side effects of cancer therapies.

The nurturing qualities of these treatments and products combined mean that many patients will notice an improvement in their complexion, but most importantly a feeling of normality. The Lindi Skin range is a beautiful gift to give as an escape for those on the cancer journey.

Spirit one spa touch therapy treatments can help with:

  • Hand & foot syndrome
  • Dry & itchy skin 
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Fatigue & stress
  • Radiation rash & burn symptoms using aloe vera

What to expect from your massage at spirit one spa: 

  • 15 min medical consultation to tailor specific treatments for each individual
  • Spa treatments carried out on 100% cotton sheets
  • All spa treatments use the Lindi Skin range which have been FDA approved
  • 10% donation from every treatment will go towards our cancer charity of the month.