Letter from our member Joe Duane regarding Aqua Aerobics

"Dear spirit one,
As you may know, I was involved in a side impact collision in July 2011 where a car impacted my driver's door after going out of control. Subsequent MRI scans showed evidence of a tear of my supraspinatus tendon in my shoulder as well as residual soft tissue injury to my right hip and heel. My quality of life had been greatly affected since then - that’s until I discovered the aqua aerobics at the spirit one fitness and leisure club. These classes are indeed a form of physiotherapy-hydrotherapy and have enabled me to return to full fitness in such a short time.
Studies have revealed that this type of aqua fit program (combining non-weight-bearing stretching exercises in warm water with strengthening exercises in the gym) followed by patients after road traffic accidents and surgery, helps them rebound quicker and achieve normal physical ability and a normal lifestyle a lot faster, without the use of corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory medicines.
Benefits of Hydrotherapy include:
•       Hydrotherapy Accelerated healing – warm water increases circulation.
•       Improvement in tissue flexibility – buoyancy dramatically improves range of motion.
•       Decreased pain – buoyancy decreases compression on injured parts, warm water blocks pain receptors.
I am so grateful to you and your team for offering these classes at the Spirit One and would encourage other members with similar physical problems to join. Thank you for giving me back the joy of movement!
Best Regards,"

Joe Duane

"I have been a member for about 4 years. I joined because, ever since my days as an international athlete, I have always been interested in physical fitness. It has been a great privilege to have been a member of spirit one. I have been a member of many such facilities over the years, both here in Ireland and abroad in the UK and the USA, and I can truly say that spirit one is overall the best such club I have known. It is extremely well run, the staff are both helpful and friendly, the physical facilities are extremely well kept, the equipment is well maintained, and the changing rooms (together with the towels provided) are of the highest standard. There is a wide variety of classes open to, and suitable for, a wide range of fitness levels.
I would be more than happy to recommend the leisure club to a friend, and indeed I have done so on numerous occasions.
A great club with great people."

Iggy,  68

"I have been a member of spirit one gym for the last six years. I joined because of the good facilities, equipment and the really nice staff who are very helpful. The last six years have been really enjoyable; the staff provides a great service and are so friendly. And also the other members are so nice too. I always recommend my leisure club to my friends and family. Keep up the good work guys!!"

Aine,  26

"I’ve been with spirit one for over one year now. I joined because the facilities were fantastic and the opening times are really convenient and there are great classes available. I really enjoy being a member. The staff are really friendly and helpful and the facilities and classes are really good. I always recommend."

Eoin, 21

"3 years I’ve been a member with spirit one now. I joined because it was so convenient for me as it’s in such a good location, being right at the city centre. It’s been really good being a member, the staff are great and always helpful. I always recommend spirit one to my friends. Every time I have a guest staying I bring them over to the facility and they always enjoy it."

Sean, 77

"I joined the pool because I wanted to learn how to swim and I also wanted somewhere where I could go and relax and unwind. I joined the gym because I’m disabled and I need to exercise safely. The staff were so good helping me with both these areas. Being a member has been fantastic, the staff are excellent there - all so helpful, both in the leisure centre and the spa. My swim teacher Rita was brilliant and I can now swim thanks to her. I have already recommended this facility to load of my friends; my mum and sister even joined up with me. I’m definitely rejoining again this year.
Keep up the great work guys, the staff are all brill!! Thanks so much guys."

Breeda, 51

"I‘ve been a member of spirit one for just 1 year: I was given a membership as a gift. It has been excellent being a member of spirit one. I have started taking aqua aerobic classes and they are great for me. I also like to use the spa to relax and unwind. It’s beautiful and peaceful. I have always recommended spirit one leisure club and I will continue to do so. Joining again this year guys!!!"

Erika, 36

"I’ve been a member of the gym for the past five years. I joined up because I was training for a marathon and the staff designed a programme for me to help me reach my goals. I am proud to say I finished many marathons since. Being a member of spirit one over the years has been like having a second family. The staff and the members are so friendly and kind. Great work guys."

Des, 62

"Ten years I’ve been a member of the leisure club. In 2002 I left my old leisure club and joined spirit one because I heard such great reports about the staff and how the place is run, and I’m glad I did. I love being a member of spirit one; I wouldn’t survive without the place. I love everything about the leisure club. I can’t say enough about the staff and the way its run and it’s always spotless and tidy."

Joe, 53

Contact Jana at leisure.spiritone@thegalmont.com for more details.