overlooking the shores of Lough Atalia - the quintessential spot for afternoon tea in Galway

Serving a sophisticated range of savoury and sweet treats, the menu features seasonal and local ingredients, there is plenty for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy.

The History of Afternoon Tea
The origin of afternoon tea is thought to come from Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, England, in the 1840s. Suffering from hunger spells during the long stretch between lunch and the evening meal, the Duchess began ordering a tray of tea, cake, bread and butter, to get her through the afternoon. The trend soon became the norm in the Duchess’ circle and quickly turned into a fullblown social event among the English aristocracy.

Never ones to shy away from a little indulgence, we are delighted to carry on the tradition of afternoon tea here in Coopers Bar & Lounge. Named in honour of cooperage, the trade of cask-making that requires great dedication and expertise, we aim to bring to life these same values and attention to detail in our afternoon tea.

Indulge in Classic Afternoon Tea or add some sparkle by upgrading to our Prosecco Afternoon Tea. 

  • Afternoon tea - €27 per person
  • Afternoon tea with a glass of Prosecco - €32 per person

Our Afternoon Tea menu is changed regularly to reflect what is in season.

Afternoon Tea will be served every day from August, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Advanced booking essential. 

Please contact: 091 538300 or email reservations@thegalmont.com