Green Hospitality

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Green Hospitality

Here at The Galmont Hotel & Spa, we recognise that our business has a very important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment and our planet for future generations and to help secure the long-term sustainability of the tourism industry.

We are delighted to have achieved the Green Certified Eco label in September 2021 by introducing an Environmental Action Plan focusing on Energy, Waste & Water Management.

The Programme is the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Ireland. This is the only Irish developed certification standard for the whole hospitality sector and is internationally recognised.



  Environmental Initiatives

At The Galmont Hotel, we set specific measurable targets each year which are reviewed monthly and quarterly. We have a dedicated in house green team who meet on a monthly basis to review all costs and environmental impacts. All activities are reviewed under the main environmental areas, energy, waste and water.


The hotel has a comprehensive "switch off and save" programme implemented and we have identified our major energy using equipment and focused on managing specific equipment more carefully to achieve reductions. In the planning of the recent extensive renovation programme, the emphasis was on the use of energy efficient lighting solutions which are paying dividends already.


Water usage is a major factor in any hospitality company. We identified our major usage areas and have installed water saving devices in all bedrooms and public toilets. This is expected to reduce our water consumption in the hotel by 14,319 M³ this year.


There is a visible signage and awareness program in place. Segregation takes place in all departments of the hotel.

Green Policy 2021

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In 2021 we eliminated the use of plastic water bottles in our guest bedrooms and replaced them with eco-friendly cartons.

These plant-based cartons contribute a very low carbon footprint with 27% less CO2 generated compared to virgin PET bottles. They are made from renewable resources and are FSC certified.

The packaging is made from 88% renewable raw materials. The paper is made from trees that are responsibly harvested, renewable and contribute to lower carbon emissions. The shoulder and caps are made from sugarcane which reduces our carbon emissions by utilising a resource that grows back.

The water is obtained from an award-winning source in a small rural village in Co. Tipperary, supporting local suppliers.

We designed our cartons to be bilingual to continue demonstrating our commitment to supporting the Irish language.

In 2020 we eliminated the use of single use plastics in our guest bedrooms by 17,500kg by installing bedroom bulk amenities and removing individual packaging.

All of our 275 guest bedrooms now have luxury brand Elemis hair and body wash, conditioners, hand wash and hand lotions in bulk packaging.  

For events in Galway, we have made it easier for people to meet responsibly. 

Our focus has always been on doing the right thing for our guests and the environment. When it comes to meetings, we underscore our commitment to the environment by helping meetings become paperless with free WiFi and breakout meeting rooms.

In 2020, we introduced hybrid meetings and conferences, minimising traffic and the use of vehicles.

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