A unique collection of cold, cool, warm and hot thermal experiences to detoxify, relax, enhance, slim, moisturise and invigorate your entire well-being.

Heated Relaxation Loungers

Heated to a comfortable 36°C and designed in an ergonomic shape to offer your body the most relaxed position it can take.

The Laconium

Offers a dry, gentle heat in a more relaxed environment, with scented citrus oils and gentle light therapy.

The Aroma Grotto

A steam, moisturising cabin which is ideal for conditioning the hair and skin, enhancing and promoting true relaxation using light, heat, colour and essential oil therapy.

Experience Showers

Three showers, offering between them essential oils and water in the form of invigorating tropical rain and a light cool mist to refresh your mind and body between cabins.

The Rock Sauna

This is the hottest and driest of our thermal experiences at 85°C to 90°C, ideal for swift detoxification and invigoration.

Sabia Med

Explore the wonders of the Sabia med or "beach" as it is better known to our guests, taking you through a meditative dawn to dusk light cycle whilst lying on a warm tropical beach.

The Hammam

Based on the traditional Turkish steam bath our hammam offers an intense steam heat experience with light and essential oil therapy.

Use of the thermal suite 

The thermal suite can be booked at the below rates from Monday to Friday.

1 Hour Thermal Suite €25.00
Day Thermal Suite €35.00

On Saturdays, Sundays & bank holidays, the thermal suite can be used only in conjunction with a treatment booked in spirit one spa.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Group bookings available on request, subject to availability, terms and conditions. 
  • Swimwear is essential for all guests using the thermal suite.
  • Guests using the thermal suite can also avail of our pool and outdoor hot tub.
  • Each guest at spirit one spa can also enjoy up to 4 hours free parking.