The Heart of Galway

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The Heart of Galway

Every city has a heartbeat.

In Galway, that rhythm pulses through its streets - streets alive with culture. Culture of Art and Music, Music that makes people move. Move to our own beat - but we will never be beat, …not really.

The fisherman, the craftsmen, the people.... On that street, this road and around that corner.

The people that make Galway the best.

The best county and a city that perfectly exemplifies what it means to be Irish.

We think that’s worth supporting. From the Docks to Loch Atalia, we are here, nestled in the heart of Galway - spporting our traders, our teams and our people. Embracing the very essence of what it means to call this remarkable city home. And sharing it with visitors from all around the world.

We beat in harmony with the spirit of the city.

When you stay with us, you more than a guest. You become part of the heartbeat.

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